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Xindak VT-2 High Grade Damper Shackles for Acoustics Tuning


    It has been concluded that vibration can seriously affect acoustic quality. Usually there are two solutions: One is absorption; the other is isolation.

    XINDAK engineers have developed a new device, named as Spherical Cone Baseplate For Vibration Tuning, to solve damage to acoustic quality due to vibration. Its principle is to convert vertical vibration into horizontal displacement. The method is by putting a ball on a pit of compact inert material, the base and the ball is in a form of point contact.

    The achievement of the damper shackles is a complete isolation of  vibration by which hazardous vibration of acoustics can evenly spread inside the whole inert base through the ball and then absorbed.

    Meanwhile the assortment of the base and the ball material is able to tune hazardous vibration of the former system in frequency points harmless to acoustic quality. It will greatly reduce adverse affects from vibration and improve acoustic quality.

    Actual audition has proved adopting bases and balls of different materials gains different effects of acoustic quality and tone colors. It is enough just to put three blocks with balls like a triangle under audio equipment such as cd players, dac, amplifiers etc.

Structure and Characteristics of VT-2:   


Base made of scented rosewood

Balls made of special ceramics


    Treble and Mid Range performances are obviously improved, with lots of details, sweet voice, accurate positioning, and good airy feelings. Low frequency range is strong with good analytic feeling, especially bass drum having flexibility and strength.

    Suggestion from XINDAK: If used for CD players that have less analytic ability and soft bass strength, it will get great improvement instantly.

Standard package: 3 damper shackles per box

Stock Availability Status: ITEM DELETED