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 In the new 2013 edition of Doge 9 , a new function called the Doge FLS (Feedback Loop Selector) which allows the user to choose between two feedback loop modes. The low feedback mode will offer better sound, but need very linear speakers at the output. The normal feedback mode is the same as it was before on the previous original version, before creation of this new function and is recommended with speakers who have less linear frequency response.

 Flagship model developed totally new with a special kind of new

Power supply and a new cabinet, also new output transformers .

 With its competitive price and 234-Watts total output per mono-block, it is the greatest tube amplifier in the market in it’s class, working with only two power tubes in the output stage.

 What makes it so special is the use of a pair of giant type 211 power tubes configured as triodes coupled with a specially designed output transformer (in each mono block). Benefited from an uncommonly direct and short signal path and a simple circuit executed with premium quality parts, Doge 9’s dramatic performance belies its modest price.

 Harmonic structure, sound stage, dynamic contrasts and dramatic impact are all reproduced with remarkable fidelity to the live event. Doge 9 works its magic with just 5 vacuum tubes. A composite triode input stage is directly coupled to a cathode-coupled phase inverter, followed by a pair of EL34, operating in an ultra-linear configuration, as drivers for the pair of 211's. Limited negative feedback is applied to the circuit to reduce distortion and provide a sufficiently high and especially linear damping factor within the audible frequency range to control most real-world speaker systems.

 For a lot of users the 211 is not the easiest of tubes in terms of technology and handling. Doge initially selects a quartet of

matched pairs. Then the best pairs will be burned in for a couple of days and then re-selected to give the pairs with the lowest distortion.

It is therefore hardly surprising that the measured data for these amplifiers are outstanding. Variations on this simple circuit especially the new version have provided the blueprint for many superb sounding Doge products in the past.

 The latest benefits from recent advances achieved in the flagship range of products. 200 W/sine/8 ohms with less than ≤ 0.6 % THD+N

at 1kHz is a outstanding result for such a big tube. But what is

interesting more is the fact that this big amplifier is able to reproduce

the smallest signals below 1 W output absolute perfectly and dynamics as great as from 10 to 100 watts within the shortest time.

 At 1Watt output, a bandwidth from 8Hz-100 kHz and a distortion of less than 0.09 % is realised. The use of only a single coupling capacitor in power stage endows the Doge 9 with a perfectly natural sound without any coloration.


Max. Output: 234W x 2, 8ohms /1Khz

Distortion THD+N: 200W/ Sine/ 8Ω/ ≤ 0.6%

Frequency response: 8Hz-80kHz ±0.25db (10W)

Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz +0/-0.6db (200W)

Input Impedance: 100kohms

Input Sensitivity: 2.880 V/ 200W/ 1KHz

S/N ratio: ≥90db

Power consumption: ≤0.3W (Standby)

Power consumption: 504W at 200W output

Vacuum Tubes: 211 x 4; EL34 x 4; 12AT7 x 8, all 3 times selected

Dimensions W x H x D: 48 x 29.5 x 40cm (each)

Stock Availability Status: ITEM DELETED
Reason: Poor Reliability and Durability 
based on Cattylink Technical Support Unit 10 Year Report