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Based on “PWM Precise Wave Modification Technology”, by means of real time monitoring AC power wave and modifying any distortion from aberrancy of decent sine waves at high speed, Dussun X1600 Pure AC Power Supply greatly reduces AC power wave distortion, eliminates interference and stabilizes voltage in order to achieve an extremely pure AC power supply.

Mainly consisting of low inner resistance high speed amplifiers, digital low distortion basic wave producer and high energy reservation power supply, the “Precise Wave Modification System” will modify the AC power wave at real time, continuously and precisely at a response speed several thousand times faster than wall AC power supply frequency, which enables X1600 to output the perfect sine wave with ultra low wave distortion, ultra high voltage stabilization.

Adopting low distortion pure sine wave as reference, X1600 not only will modify the distorted input AC power wave, but also remove the DC component of the wall AC power supply in the mean time, making the positive half sine wave and negative half sine wave to be equivalent in absolute precision. This process can cure the transformer hum noise of high-end large power amplifiers caused by DC component from wall AC power supply down to below the threshold of human aural sensitivity.

X1600 will isolate the input circuit from the output circuit by high performance high quality transformer. This isolated power supply system is able to eliminate ground creeping interference which exists broadly in audio/visual equipment or precise measurement instruments, thus will ensure the purest audio/visual quality or precise and authentic measurement.

X1600 outputs Apparent Power related to power load with maximum continuous output power of 1600VA on good ventilation condition, peak output power is as high as double of the maximum continuous output power. With ultra low inner resistance, X1600’s output voltage is of extremely low variation within the specified output power range, which eliminates the voltage fluctuation due to the inner resistance of power supply circuit corresponding to power load changes. The ultra strong transient power supply capacity and stable output voltage provides the most accurate dynamic response. The agile response speed surpasses overwhelmingly that of all traditional AC power conditioners, eliminates prevalent “dynamic compression” which is complained widely on normal AC power supply. The electric efficiency exceeds 80% within rated power output range, much higher than that of linear reproduce type (AC-DC-AC) AC power supply. With lower heat produced, X1600 delivers higher power output than the former did with same size (or weight).

Operation as a total linear model, X1600 greatly reduces distortion from original AC power wave and because of the inborn advantage of total linear model, the output power voltage of does NOT contain any high frequency noise and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) radiation normally produced by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), which was inevitable if, by switch type power supply.

X1600 is adopted with Dussun patentedSynchronized Wave Processing” technology, of which the frequency and phase of output power voltage and input power voltage are maintained in consistent precision. When applied to audio/visual system, it will eliminate video rolling bar or speaker cone zero position swing; if applied to measurment system, it will eliminates differential beat interferences on measurement result arisen from power supply frequency difference.

The working model of X1600 “Precise Wave Modification” technology is having very strong noise suppression capacity. Equipped with built in input dual module input filters and output differential module filters, the reduction on circuit interference comes in real time. Viewed by precise visual measurement instrument (like Dussun CT-1 AC power quality meter), the dramatic change of AC power quality between the highly contaminated AC power supply before and after processing of X1600 will usually drive the observer’s interests to review the importance of AC power supply seriously.

X1600 is equipped with built in, highly stable digital indication meter, of which is able to display “input AC power voltage”, “Output AC power voltage” and “Output AC power current” at real time. “Input AC power voltage” indication was not only for observing input AC power voltage, but also for observing the circuit voltage fluctuation when in large power supply. “Output AC power current” indication helps to observe the power consumption of your equipment directly. All operations are very convenient and useful.

Equipped with huge Aluminium/Magnesium Alloy heat sink, X1600 releases heat produced proportional to output power in a deadly silent manner. If the ventilation condition is not good and cause the temperature of heat sink to exceed the alarming level, the unit will power off automatically. Comparing with industrial AC power processor with fan, X1600 possesses higher reliability and stabilization. Under the requirement for strict noise control environment, X1600 pure AC power is the best choice to replace fan-type power processor.  

X1600 is equipped with 2 groups of hospital grade AC power output sockets after independent filters (4 sockets per group), in order to reduce the interference to the minimum level among these equipment connected to the 2 groups of sockets. Usual suggestion is to connect analogue equipment and digital equipment to different groups of sockets respectively, or connect low power consumption equipment and large power consumption equipment to different groups of sockets respectively, in order to achieve the lowest interference..  

The design of X1600 complies with all safety regulations. The buillt in high power voltage surge suppression system can suppress high voltage surge and voltage peak (eg. thunder surge) impact perfectly. The Aluminium/Magnesium Alloy case is with connection to safety grounding, ensuring protection at any time. When output power reaches or exceeds the designed limit, the beeper alarm will beep. In extreme overload condition, the power supply will be cut off in a “NO HARM” manner. Manual re-power on is then required for resumption of X1600 functioning, in order to attract user’s attention.

X1600 is suitable for application to high quality AC power supply requirement with no noise interference, like high-end audio/visual audition/appreciation room or precision laboratory settings, etc.. For precision measurement requirement, X1600 could be used as standard AC power supply to provide pure AC power. X1600 could be used as solo, or used as multiple unit chains to form a larger AC power system. Usually, one X1600 could provide pure AC power for a full set of audio system or home theatre system. X1600 is equipped with a detachable power cord.



Rated Output Capacity: 1600VA (Continous)

Maximum Output Capacity At Protection: 3000VA (Short Time)

Rated Output Voltage: 220VAC +/- 1%

Rated Output Current: 7.5A

Peak Output Current: 80A

Output Voltage Distortion:  ≤0.5% (When Power Supply Distortion≤5%)

Input Voltage Range: 192  to 252 VAC

Voltage Adjustment Rate: <=1%

Load Adjustment Rate: <=1%

Indicator Reading Accuracy: Indication reading × 1% ±1

Power Consumption: <=50W (standby)

Cooling System: Huge Aluminum / Magnesium Alloy - Natural Conversion

Output Sockets: 8 (Hospital Grade, Grouped in 4, 1 group in universal socket standard = accepts all kinds of plugs, 1 group in USA standard)

Dimensions: 9W x 16H x 15.6D (inches)

Voltage Standard Available:  220V, 230V, 240V

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com

Voltage waveform: AC line
    (distortion app 5%)
X1200 output waveform
  (distortion app 0.3%)