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New designed tall and huge ac and output transformers

Australia imported silicon steel and iron core

Upgraded design based on the famous H88S model

KT88 Push Pull design fully integrated amplifier

Highly efficient rectifying bridge with Wima decoupling capacitors

High gloss black piano lacquer finish in elegant styling

Elegant tube protection cage in the same finish

Ceramic tube sockets and gold plated rca inputs

High purity mono crystal copper cable for internal wiring

Extreme high-end volume control made in switched pairs of resistors

Convenient bias adjustment (on left and right side of chassis)

Shortest signal paths and highest s/n ratio

Natural and transparent, good driving power

Gold plated speaker out terminals

Detachable power cord system (IEC)



Rated Output Power: 50W x 2 RMS

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20Khz, +/-0.5db

Distortion THD: <1%

S/N Ratio: 85db

Input Impedance: 100Kohms

Input Sensitivity: 380mV

Output Load Impedance: 4 and 8 ohms

Power Consumption: 260W

Tube Complement: 4 x KT88

                                    4 x 6SN7

                                    2 x 6201 (12AT7)

Dimensions (mm, WHD) : 430 x215 x380

Stock Availability Status: MODEL DISCONTINUED