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about us     warranty / return    packaging     new products    all products     orders tracking     reviews     special offer     contact

       It has come to our attention that an announcement made by the website www.jungson.com has seriously affected our company image and reputation. We are angry on the point that the announcement contains false statements which has an misleading effect on audiophiles around the world. As we have documental proof that all our Jungson products are acquired from the original Jungson manufacturer in 100 per cent brand new state, we had started serious discussions with senior lawyers on the subject of bringing legal action against the owner of the website www.jungson.com on defamation.

     After preliminary checking with relative parties we are in doubt on the actual relationship of the website www.jungson.com with the actual manufacturer of Jungson products. We are gathering information to prove that the website is only with relationship to the Jungson Australia distributor but not representing the actual manufacturer. The actual manufacturer of Jungson products is HENGDONG AUDIO SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in China and the official website is NOT www.jungson.com. Jungson is only one of the trademarks held by HENGDONG (another is HEDO). We recall a quite similar case of Jolida. The website www.jolida.com has been sued by the original manufacturer -  SHENDA AUDIO. SHENDA AUDIO claimed that they had won the legal proceedings in Maryland Court of USA and also disclose that many items sold in www.jolida.com are faked. So www.jolida.com finally proved to be only a website run by the previous USA distributor of Jolida and most information published there was false and SHENDA even did not know about that. So audiophiles need to be very cautious about the actual status and actual owners of these websites. Nevertheless, we will check whether HENGDONG knows or endorse the announcement of www. jungson.com, and if yes, we will consider legal actions against both.

     Our practice in our 9 years of business is to provide original products at low prices. We know that overseas distributors are not happy with our extremely low price. But it is not the reason for making false statements. In our opinions they should cut down the profit as a way of good competition. Our aims is to let audiophiles and music lovers enjoy high end audio equipment at low prices and do not wish to see them paying a fortune to let these businessmen earning huge profit. We will continue to do this way until all clients believe these false statements made by them.

      Lastly, we wish all to take note that we are a legally setup company in Hong Kong for 9 years already and governed by Hong Kong Laws, we had been granted a full memebership of Federation of Hong Kong Industries since 2004, also being the worldwide distributor of a number of important high end audio brands such as Esound, so creation of ruins on our reputation by false statements is not having ground and they need to prepare for the outcome of their act.

Cattylink Analog Research

Sep 19, 2011