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Why clients called that “bomb proof” ???

Before Shipment: each package of equipment ready for shipment will be processed with our professional packaging process done by experienced and well trained staffs of our own logistics unit.

Step 1: benches made by hard paper cartoon are fixed to each edge of the outer original packaging box (a total of 12 benches);

Step 2: an additional outer box will then be inserted afterwards with careful sealing;

Step 3: a minimum of 4 bands (depended on packaging size) for packaging are then wrapped in proper positions with metal connectors to secure the package.

Inspection: each package that has been gone through the above 3 steps will then be inspected by our logistics supervisors before they can be released for shipment pickup.

Perfect Condition: clients can then wait for their favourite high-end equipment without worrying about any possible damage during harsh transportation process.

Shipment Weight: final shipment weight is higher and resulted in slight increase in shipment fee; other suppliers may claim that their shipment fee is lower - yes, simply because they only ship out the equipment to you without doing anything!