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1. USB wireless DAC digital receiver

2. Universal DAC for CD transports, The Consonance D-Linear 7 series High Definition Digital Interface, DVD players, Blu-ray players, cable TV decoders and satellite receivers

3. Hi-end Headphone amplifier

4. RCA and XLR Balanced analog outputs

5. Pure class A DC analog filter for output stage

6. Linear power supply with ultra low noise toroidal transformer

The newly designed Consonance D-Linear 8C is more than simply a new product, it is a new concept in audio enjoyment. The heart of the linear 8C is the Analog Devices AD1853 24-Bit dac chip running at a 192kHz sampling rate. D-Linear 8C has a low jitter analog PLL, and a PLL lock range from 32khz to 192khz .

There are 4 selectable digital inputs on the rear panel consisting of a coaxial RCA, AES, Toslink and a double antenna for digital USB computer input. The basic signals are displayed through the front panel meter. This meter will also indicate when the signal is locked in.

The D-Linear 8C has a wireless USB 2.4G ISM license free band, adaptive frequency hopping random ID pairing and non-compressed 48k/16bit sampling. This wireless system is like a secondary music system that will compliment your existing main setup. It can be operated at a considerable distance (up to 25m) from your primary system, there are no bothersome cables. Your computer can be used as a main source of your music playback allowing you more freedom and worry free operation in your musical enjoyment.

The D-Linear 8C also incorporates a hi-end headphone amplifier suitable for headphones with load impedances ranging from 32ohms to 600ohms.

The size of D-Linear 8C is unobtrusive so it can be positioned anywhere. Moreover, it has a very user friendly interface.


Signal output  2.5V RMS (RCA, XLR)

Digital inputs  1 Coaxial, 1 Optical, 1 AES / EBU

                           and wireless USB digital input

Analog outputs  Gold plated RCA / phono unbalanced x 1 pair

                              Gold plated XLR balanced x 1 pair

                               Gold plated 6.5mm headphone jack x 1

Frequency response  0 Hz-50 kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio  More than 118dB (RCA, XLR)

Distortion  Less than 0.001% ( RCA, XLR)

Dimensions  100mm x 225mm x 320cm (HxWxD)

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