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Yaqin MC-100B Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier


Dual functions: can be used as a pure power amplifier

Heavy duty chassis and protection cage construction

Ultralinear mode and triode mode connection (user selectable)

High power KT88 vacuum tubes x 4 for output stage

SRPP circuit design in pre-amplifier section

ULPP and cathode follower circuit design in power amplifying stage

2 power transformers for independent power supply to each channel

High-end output transformers made from 0.35mm thick silicon steel

(audio grade) resulted in very wide frequency response

High-end electrolytic capacitors, MKP capacitors

High quality metal film resistors and imported potentialmeter

Detachable power cord system


Output Power : 60W x 2 (ultralinear mode)

                            30W x 2 (triode mode)

Distortion : <=1.5%

Frequency Response: 5Hz - 80Khz (-2db)

S/N Ratio : >90db (A Weighted)

Output load impedance : 8ohms or 4ohms

Input Sensitivity : 0.25V (as integrated amplifier)

                                0.6V (as pure power amplifier)

Audio Input : KT88 x 4, 6SN7 x 4, 12AX7 x 2

Power Consumption : 250W

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