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Xindak FA-GOLD-B Interconnect Cable (XLR)



 The basic material is electrum semaphore foil (comprised of gold and silver), which is smelted by using the most advanced vacuum smelting technology at present. The wire adopts the multi-piece electrum foil and 5N monocrystal non-oxidation copper foil by using particular method of isolation and especially rarefied method of two-way spiral winding at the positive electrode and cathode separately, assisted by wooden balls for damping and muffler, further backed with special shockproof stuff and a densely weaved shielding mesh made of non-oxidation copper with an argentine coat. Adorning soft PVE shaped tube outside the wire and luxury nylon jacket.

 FA-GOLD-B is excellent in transparency on the middle and high frequency,  timbre is exquisite and smooth just like silk and satin. Especially, the character of the middle frequency is minuteness and dense; It is very good in giving power and elasticity on both middle and low frequency without any tight and stiff sense. Timbre is noble, magnificent, graceful and elegant. The equilibrium sense is natural in the whole audition field.

Standard finish is 1M pair (1M x 2)

Tailor-made lengths are welcome

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