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The power tube 7591 used in SP-500 is a small beam power tetrode, common in old hi-fi amplifiers.7591 was popular in early 1960s and was originally designed by Western Electric. Currently Sovtek makes a direct replacement, the 7591EH, It is about 3/16" larger in diameter than the original 7591A, but works and sounds very fine.


Class AB, ultra-linear mode design.

8 x 7591A EH for 70 watts x 2 channels strong output.

8 power tubes are individually biased.

Minimal negative feedback design.

Ultra wide frequency range with minimal THD

Precision RC circuitry for more linear performance.

Extended frequency range C-Core output transformers.

Superior electronic components.

Remote control function.

Crafted grade brushed and anodized aluminum chassis.

Detachable power cord (IEC)


Vacuum tubes: 7591A EH x 8, 12AU7 x 4

Output power: 70W x 2 RMS

Input sensitivity: 720mV

Input impedance: 100kohms

Harmonic distortion: <0.05%

Frequency response: 10HZ - 110KHZ (-1db)

S/N ratio: 93db

Input: 4 sets

Speaker output load impedance: 4 or 8 ohms

Power consumption: 220W

Dimensions: 43L x 33W x 21.2H (cm)