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SP-200 is the most powerful integrated amplifier designed so far from Raysonic. The amplifier is set up as compact stereo block, with 4 line inputs, one volume control (controlled by remote). On the back plate are situated with  a IEC power connector for detachable power cords, RCA inputs, and 4 and 8ohms loudspeakers terminals.

SP-200 is designed for audiophiles and all music lovers. The sound is clear, refined but strong when it's needed. This amplifier is able to drive easily the most difficult loudspeaker on the market, with reliability and stability. Like all the RAYSONIC equipments, no useless gadgets are installed on the machine.


Class AB, ultra-linear mode design.

8 x KT88 strong output tubes

ultra-linear 100 watts x 2 channels.

8 power tubes are individually biased.

Minimal negative feedback design.

Precision RC circuitry for more linear performance.

Extended frequency range C-Core output transformers.

Superior electronic components.

Remote control function.

Crafted grade brushed and anodized aluminum chassis.

Detachable power cord (IEC)


Vacuum tubes: KT88 x 8, 12AU7 x 4

Output power: 100W x 2 RMS

Input sensitivity: 770mV

Input impedance: 100kohms

Harmonic distortion: <2% at full power, <1% at 50W output

Frequency response: 8HZ - 62KHZ (-1db)

S/N ratio: 96db

Input: 4 sets

Speaker output load impedance: 4 or 8 ohms

Power consumption: 374W

Dimensions: 45L x 37W x 22H (cm)