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AURUM CANTUS Harmonic Flow 1 Luxury Edition Hi-Fi Monitor


An exceptional monitor from Aurum Cantus NOT using ribbon tweeter

Extremely High End 32mm silk dome tweeter ADT32F

Co-developed with ATD Italy for over 2 years

European made silk dome material, Kapton frame

32mm copper clad aluminum voice coil with Faraday ring

Ultra Low distortion and exceptional high power handling

High Fidelity, mellow and transparent, rich harmonics

Non-woven carbon fiber and Kevlar coned woofer AC165/50CK x 2

Expensive Jensen MKP capacitors from Denmark

Metal film resistors + OFC inductors

Elegant rosewood + black cabinet in multiple piano lacquer finish

Custom machined, gold plated high current binding posts

Stunning dynamics, musical and noble timbre far exceeding the size


Design: 2 way, 2 unit, vented-box, bookshelf monitor

Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity: 88db/W/M

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Power Handling: 50-200W

Tweeter: ADT32F silk dome

Mid / Woofer: AC165/50CK (6.5 inches) x 1, Aluminum frame, the compositecone of Non-woven carbon fiber and Kevlar, 50mm (2″) copper clad aluminum voice coil with flat wire, the special magnet system with Faraday ring and demodulation coil, 120mm×20mm Y30 Ferrite magnet

Connection way: Bi-wired, gold plated binding posts

Dimensions (HWD): 400mm×243mm×310mm

Cabinet material: MDF

Finish: black + rosewood in multiple piano lacquer

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com

USD 945- per PAIR including: 
1. Horizontal level reference device for audio equipment set up x 1 gift box set

Please email orders@cattylink.com for a discounted offer.

Stock Availability Status: In stock - Ready for Delivery