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MEIXING (MING DA) MC-PHONO 2006 Vacuum Tube  MM/MC Phono Stage Pre-amplifier


Isolated power supply design to achieve best S/N ratio

Ultra silent background for great musical enjoyment

2 x 6N6 vacuum tubes for rectification

1 x 6V6 + 1 x 12AT7 for voltage stabilization

4 x 12AX7 for signal amplification

2 x 12AT7 as cathode followers

All hand welding internal connections

Heavy weight stainless steel and alloy plate construction

Very faithful reproduction of analog signals and best musical enjoyment

Detachable power cord system



MM Level Input sensitivity: 1mV

MC Level Input sensitivity: 0.1mV

MM Level Input impedance: 47Kohms

MC Level Input impedance: 100Kohms

MM Level Signal-to-noise ratio: 90db

MC Level Signal-to-noise ratio: 78db  

MM Level Voltage gain: 60db

MC Level Voltage gain: 80db

Output impedance: 100ohms

Vacuum tubes: 6N6 x 2; 6V6 x 1, 12AT7 x 3, 12AX7 x 4