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Full-featured true balanced Push-pull top Loading CD-Player.

Real class-A triode vacuum-tube output stage (RCA and XLR)

Very compact output buffer

2 x 6922EH GOLD triodes tubes-Russia.

2 x 6922EH triodes tubes-Russia.

Ceramic tube sockets.

Warm up function-extends tube life time.

2pcs burr brown pcm 1792.

Upsampling function: 24bit/192KHZ.

Philips CD transport mechanism.

Suspension system to isolate the CD-transport from vibration.

Audience Auricap capacitors, Solen-MKP capacitors.

Large noiseless C-core power transformers

Mirrored display glass, display dimmer & mute function.

Metallic remote control.unit with volume control function

Background light display LED ON/OFF function.

Crafted high grade 8mm aluminium-brushed and anodized chassis

Detachable power cord (IEC)


Vacuum Tubes: Russia 6922EH GOLD x 2 + Russia 6922EH x 2

CD transport: Philips VAM 1202

Conversation rate: 24bit / 192kHz

Output Level: 0 - 2.3V

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz, ± 0.15db

Channel Seperation: >93db

S/N Ratio: >106db

Distortion: < 0.003%

Dynamic Range: 110db

Output impedance: RCA-110ohms, XLR - 330ohms

Direct Output impedance: RCA-175 ohms

Digital output: 75 ohms

Power Consumption: 35W

Remote volume control: yes

Dimensions: 48L x 33 W x 9.6 H (cm)