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Raysonic C200 is designed with the goal of achieving a high definition vacuum tube pre-amplifier with low noise, low distortion and high resolution in amplification.

Digital audio sources such as CD, MP3 or DVD audio are commonly used these days. To achieve a wide dynamic range from this kind of audio sources, the input stage and buffer stage of C200 is using 12AX7 in broadband amplification. In addition, direct coupling design is also utilized so that the low frequency phase distortion is minimized. The output stage on the other hand is using one single 12AU7 as a double cathode follower.

This approach can effectively reduce the output impedance of the amplifier. With this feature in place, not only can C200 achieve a higher level in frequency response and noise rejection, it can also enable the C200 to work with most common transistor or tube based power amplifiers.

The C200 is also making use of a 12BH7 and EF86 as part of the voltage regulator so that it can attain a high reliability in long working hours.


High-end Solen-MKP capacitors.

R-core power transformer.

Valve voltage regulator.

MIT capacitors.

Dual choke.

Extended protection function to prevent start up swash.

LED on/off switch.

ALPS volume control.

All front & rear panel descriptions are engraved.

Purist stannum solder used for the best electrical connection.

Superior noise reduction.

Fully hand assembled to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship.

Crafted grade brushed and anodized aluminum chassis.


Vacuum Tubes: 12AX7x2 , 12AU7x2 , 12BH7x1, EF-86x1

Frequency Response: 10-50,000HZ+/-1.5db

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02%, 2Vp-p (rated output)

Gain: 20db

Input Impedance: 100Kohms

Output Impedance: 100ohms

S/N Ratio: >90db (A-Weighted)

Input: 3 pairs

Output: 2 pairs

Power Consumption: 31W

Dimensions: 34L x 33.5W x 8H (cm)