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CONSONANCE Droplet CDP3.3 CD Player - Top Loading


Solid state upsampling top loading CD-player

Stylish elegant look in a compact droplet design

Wood, aluminium and ceramic sandwich chassis construction

Special made super-clock employed for further reduction on Jitter

768Khz ultra high sampling rate

Analog Devices AD1853 dac chipset

Analog Devices AD1955 high-end df chipset

Detachable Power Cord System


DAC resolution: 24bit / 192KHz

Clock Jitter: <14ps directly distributed to DAC

0dBFS signal output: 2.5V RMS

Output Terminals: Gold plated RCA unbalanced x 1 pair

                                 Gold plated XLR balanced x 1 pair

Frequency response: <+/- 0.1 db deviation 20Hz-20kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio: >100db

Crosstalk: <-100db

THD + Noise: <0.003%

Intermodulation: <0.002% (19kHz + 20kHz)

Dimensions: 14cm x 43cm x 38cm (HxWxD)

Stock Availability Status: ITEM DELETED