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Yaqin MS-12B Vacuum Tube line stage / MM Phono stage Pre-amplifier


Line stage and phono stage MM (RIAA) vacuum tube pre-amplifier

Selectable output levels (0.7V / 0.25V)

Able to match integrated amplifiers or pure power amplifiers

Phono stage conforms with RIAA characters with good acoustic quality

Cathode follower pre-amplification circuit, low impedance output

12AX7 + 12AU7 vacuum tubes for amplification

Soft touch relay for hi fidelity sound

Philips MKP coupling capacitors and high grade metal film resistors

Transformer made from audio grade 0.35mm silicon steel

Detachable power cord system



Output: 0.25V / 0.7V selectable, both line stage and MM stage

Harmonic Distortion : <0.2% (line stage)

                    <0.5% (RIAA)

Frequency Response: 15Hz---100Hz (-2db), line stage

                                        RIAA standard (MM stage)

S/N Ratio : >75db (A weighted, line stage 0.5V in + 0.7V out, 1Khz)

                  >65db (A weighted, MM stage 10mV in + 0.7V out, 1Khz)

Input Sensitivity : <=0.25V (line stage)

                                <=5mV (RIAA)

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