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MEIXING (MING DA) MC368-B SE Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier


Further upgrade to the MC368-B90

With adjustable legs and output meters

Special version using expensive Onion shape vacuum tubes

Heavy weight Stainless steel and alloy plate construction

Custom built audio and power transformers using:

Zll and H18 long grain annealed and directed steel sheets

Hand built with alll hand welding internal connections

USA made Teflon silver cable for audio signal paths

A lively stage experience plus great dynamics

High-end parts - Philips, Panasonic capacitors, USA made resistors

KT90 Vacuum tubes exceeds KT88 in dynamics and control power

High class ALPS volume control from Japan

Pentode mode and Triode mode selectable for different sonic feelings

Gold plated speaker out terminals

Remote control function

Detachable power cord system



Output power: 70W x 2 (Pentode mode);

                           40W x 2 (Triode mode)

Input sensitivity: 200mV

Signal-to-noise ratio: 89db

Output load impedance: 4ohms, 8ohms selectable

Input jacks: 4 pairs

Input impedance: 100Kohms

Frequency response: 15Hz - 55KHz +/-1db

Total harmonic distortion: <=0.9%

Vacuum tubes: KT90 (ONION SHAPE) x 4; 12AX7 x 2;

                              6SN7 (ONION SHAPE) x 2

Power consumption: 250W

Volume: 45x42x23 cm (LxWxH)


Voltage Standard Available: 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com