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Thank you dear Eddie for your patience and your professionalism,the shipping of the amp has been really faster than i could imagine.

The amp is really nice and the sound is truly awesome.

You 'will have my 100% confidence for the next purchase.

Definitely true  audio high-end !

Greg from France

Dear Mr. Lee,

I wish to inform you that my equipment has arrived few hours ago. Everything was in perfect working order, and  very professionally packed as always. At a very first listening the pre+ampli sound impressively well, and seem to fit perfectly each other. Even after few minutes I had my Moon Rivers singing as never before. I will be waiting for further listening and some burn-up of the components to give you further listening impressions. Many thanks indeed for your invaluable suggestion to match the Shengya and the Doge 8, that I took trustfully.  I also appreciated the excellent cables and the Xindak fuse that came with the equipment as a complimentary gift, many thanks!

Best regards,


Dear Cattylink Service

this mail is to say thank you for your shipping! The amplifier I ordered arrived perfectly at my address 3 days ago and the package was simply wonderful, bomb proof! The box was in perfect condition outside and inside,I really appreciate this kind of care. This amp (Ming Da MC300-A SE) is an amazing product, it looks 1000 times better than the picture, especially when turned on, with the nice light-blue glowing VU meter. It's really well assembled, with precision and good material. With jazz music the swing and the rythm feeling are really evident, and the energy of the moment of the musicians comes out the speakers. Even old recordings sound more elegant and complete in term of tone coherence, air among instruments, stage depth. It is incredible how sometimes I can be surprised by hearing some detail that sounds really live, or it seems so out the speakers, and this realism makes me jump on my armchair when I hear these natural effects! It's easy to hear things you've never heard before on your well-known CDs. Instruments always appear separate from each other so it's easy and natural to follow every theme, every bass phrase, every piano chord, every cello or violin score in a quartet or orchestra. This helps in recreating a concrete and natural stage with great depth and height, and relaxing listening sessions. It is not true that 300B single ended amps have no bass, this one always presents very low frequencies, controlled and fast but not too much dry. The rest of the frequency range is so musical and perfectly balanced. The hum caused by the direct-heated triodes is so low, impossible to hear during music listening. It is possible to hear it just without input signal with ear next to the woofer, that is much better than other amps. All these great characteristics comes with an amplifier that costs a quarter than its true material and sonic value, and are able to make you feel shiver and taste the true emotional aspects of music. A very good looking device, very good sounding, an affordable price and a great selling and shipping service.

Thanks a lot, best regards from Italy

Gian Romani

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Just to advise you that your shipment has arrived safely and in good condition.

Very good packaging!

I will pnly be able to play it when I get back to my own home country.

I imagine we will be doing more business later on.

Thanks for good service and best regards.






hi jason

I have the amplifier consonance 100 mk in my house

2 day to com from hong kong  ! ,  this is the top with you and dhl

the amplifier is good with my speaker, very good ; this is true , the consonance is not raw and very sonorous fine and beautiful shrill

thanks for your recommend jason

a question:  you think that I  can change ,  for test,  the tubes el34 ,   without  change the bias ?

because I want try , for tests,  my tubes el34 electro harmonix and my tubes siemens, and winged c

soon , I command you, the consonance cd 2.3

I think that the consonance 2.3 is good for jazz vocal and blues, and more softness that the cayin cd17 ;  waht do you think of that ?

thanks for your response jason the best recommend of the world

good day


Dear Mr. Lee,

I wish to inform you that I have received my pair of Aurum Cantus Moon River yesterday, earlier than I expected. They were in perfect conditions and very professionally packed. I was very positively surprised as they are even more beautiful than in pictures, with a beautiful wooden case, made with a preciously finished and great looking French sycamore. They sound astoundingly, with perfectly neat and brilliant high tones, a very charming midrange, and a wonderfully clean and powerful bass. They sound perfect on every musical genre, and I am expecting further improvements after a short period of burn-in. Thank you also for the excellent testing process and for carefully following the state of my shipment until final delivery. You now have one more faithful customer, and I will recommend Cattylink to all my friends and relatives!

Best regards,






Best wishes to you and the beautiful China.

Gianluca Demontis from Italy

let me say you that I am very glad of the quality of your services, your prices are incredible, the reactivty of your after sales service and transportation are very good.

You can be proud of your company, as good, or better than european or american standards, and twice times cheaper ! Great job !

Aurélien Duplan

Dear sir,

The unit arrived in perfect shape. Thank you very much for the quick delivery.



Dear Mr.Jason Lee,

   I am pleased to inform you that yesterday the Jungson JA-88D has arrived . It has playing since and it sounds wonderful. Thank you for the sturdy packing which was very necessary judging from the wear and tear on the outer box.

      With Kind Regards,

      Johan Van Nieulande

Dear Samson Lee,

The JungSon has arrived in perfect condition,very well packed,fast delivery.The best sound of an amplifier I ever


Hereby I would like to thank all the staff of Cattylink and a special big THANK YOU to the person at Hunting John

and he/she knows why, you made my day.

May the SPIRIT of the GONG always be with you.

Best regards

Manfred H Bronkhorst

Hi Samson/Jason,

I received the speakers today.

Thanks for double box, the speakers are safe even with heavy rain.

I can leave a positive feedback for your company if you like.



JA-50 monos arrived in perfect condition and sound great!

Much thanks!

Best regards,


Dear Samson,

goods have arrived today in good order and condition.

I am 100% satisfied of my choice and I thank you very much for being patient with me.



Dear Mr. Lee,

the new Doge 8 preamp has played now for a couple of days, so he might  

still not be played in completely despite the burn-in you gave it.

Anyway, I am very impressed by the performance of this product  

regardless its price level. My previous amp is a local brand in the  

Netherlands of high-end audio equipment and recent models (mine is 10+  

years old) are selling for over $15.000.

This preamp gives a wider and very stable spacious image, a lower  

floor noise and significant more detail information. Also, it is very  

dynamic.  I'm hearing my CD collection as if I had bought new, so many  

additional musical information I hear. This preamp as linestage is  

definitely a no-brainer. I did not yet tried the phonostage.

The preamp is build like a tank and also thanks to the excellent  

packaging it survived the trip from Hongkong in excellent shape.

Thank you for the great service and responsiveness. (do you ever  


Best regards,


With Lee Samson,

PDF received, perfect.

Customer focus, excellent.

Keep it up

Best Regards


Arrived amplifier, under excellent conditions.  

Very powerful and refined sound.  

Thanks for the professionalism that treat the international clients as me.  

Thanks from Italy.  


Best  regards

Giuseppe Dosselli

Hi Samson,

I received my speakers yesterday. They are beautiful and they sound excellent. I have had many speakers in my lifetime, thus far and I must say that there are no set of speakers in this price class that can compare. Brilliant! I want to thank your company for giving me the opportunity to enjoy music at such a high level and I love music. Thanks very much. Keep on doing what you are doing. I hope the companies in China recognize and appreciate what you have done for them by making it possible for their products accessible to folks on the other side of the world. All the so called North American distributors make it impossible for the average person to afford these great Chinese products by trying to get rich off of one sale (selling the product for very high products) and by discouraging consumers from buying from Cattylink. I appreciate what you are doing. And, your customer service is second to none (you’re number 1). Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Best regards,

John Brathwaite

Hello  Jerry,the packages have arrived,and I a´m listening just now to my MC34-AB and I`m very pleased with the sound(just played 1 hour), I`m very happy with the hole business.What a packing!!

Thank you very much ,we will recommend your company to all our HIFI-friends.


Hello, j' my reader Raysonic CD238, I received thank you for l' excellence of your service and your commmuniquation.

Bravo and 1000 mercis.

Best regards.

Daniel Yperzeele

Dear Samson,

Just to let you know that the package arrived today.  As usual the packaging is first rate, and the record cleaner worked perfectly when I tested it just now.  The belts are in order too.  Thanks.

Choy Heng

Dear Samson Lee,

I thought I would send you an email to let you know that all the equipment arrived safe and sound in Perth yesterday.

Thank you to everybody at Cattylink for the excellent service, I would not hesitate to recommend you're company to anybody looking for high quality audio equipment.

Many Thanks

Alex Boyd.

dear sir,

I received my consonance M100s tube amp this morning.

i've been listening to it all day, it sounds great, thank you for the  

conversion and the delivery.

Hope to buy things from you soon.

Thanx again.

best wishes,


hi i have received the amps and i am very pleased with them. there was one thing i was wandering the cables that you sendt with the amps do you sell those?? i cant fincd them at your web-sight.

i wold like to buy som more of those cables if they arent to ekspensive.


dear Samson Lee,

after using few weeks all time turn on my Ming Da MC300-A SE,I'd like to thank you again for your very good assistance,during the purchasing and delivery.

For now,beeing listening diferent kind of music and using high quality other components of the music system(also 95dB speakers),I can concluse that the amplifier do quite well with jazz and worm instrumentical music,very detailed and performs very good the stage of instruments. But when we talk about the smooth dynamics and liquidity,eassy can see(or hear) the lack of it....also the sound is a bit some kind clean but harsh,hard...not balanced sound as it could be and that mean not so natural,please take thisnot as a critic,but maybe this will help you in the future to increase the quality of your systems...

I take all the risk to buy this item on me,maybe it would be better to buy much more expensive one 300B,but my budget for now is very limited.In any way,I'm going to upgrade this amplifier in the near future.May I ask you question,which could sound a bit strange to you,but any way: to make may job a bit eassier,please sent to me the principal sheme of the unit (if you have such from your produse),because I'll draw it in any way to try to make some upgrades on the signal path... I don't know,how big the different it could take the change of transformer (output sure),to reach the qulity similar to Consonance Cyber model...?

my best regards ,thank you for understanding and have a good day


Many thanks!

Continue in the future to make purchases from you!

You are an exceptional team and you, Mr. Lee is really very kind .-

Cordially greeting.


Dear Samson,

I just want to let you know that I have received the Amari turntable yesterday.  Putting it together last night, I found that the task was easy – and pre-installation of the battery for the GRS was a nice touch.  Everything seems to be in perfect condition, and I am very happy with it.  Although I still have to find some time to install the tonearm, I have checked the speed and stability of the motor last night, and they are looking good.

I also want to thank you for your responsiveness and attention to details.  I would certainly spread the news here in the Singapore.  If I need anything else related to the turntable (or other equipment), I shall certainly contact you again.


Choy Heng

Dear Mr Lee,

I received the Meixing  MC34-AB special version and the Esound E5 Signature prime version CD player (special package) this morning, and my first inpression out of the boxes was WOW, quality, quality, quality. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the power cords.

I than connected it all up, tubes, Power Supply to Amp, CD Player, Speakers etc.,

said a prayer, and turned the equipment on. There was total silence, no hiss, no noise, just silence,  beautiful silence, the way it should be, before the music begins to play.

I waited about ten minutes to let the tubes warm up, put in one of my favorite cd's and pushed play on the CD player. I could not believe my ears, I am not going to go into details, all I have to say is WOW! WOW! WOW!.

Maybe just one word SUPERB.

I had a domestic brand, much more expensive (no names mentioned) AMP and CD player, and if they could reason they would hide in shame.

I  forgot to mention, the  packaging is excellent, which is the way all equipment should be packaged.

Mr. Lee thank you very much, for your advise, prompt replys and great price,

and by the way, no I can really enjoy a glass of wine with my music.


Joseph Curini

Hello Cattylink,

My tube amplifier has arrived, really wonderfull sound I'm very happy with the Yarland.

Best Regards,

Huub Ireeuw

Received the Doge 6 and Doge 8 today in good shape. I am playing them now and they sound good.

Thank you, Kenny Brant

Dear Samson,

i received the speakers already a while ago. They are realy great and i‘m very very satisfied with them!!!

Thank you very much for the smooth clearing and service J


Dear jerry,  

I received the parcel last Friday. Congratulations for the packing J. I was impressed. So, i would like to thank you, you and your team for

the excellent service and for your patience before my final decision. Thanks as well for the gift you sent me J (interconnect).

I have a pratical question regarding the switch on and off of this amplifier : how should i power if on and off ? Should i use every time

Thanks and in advance for your help and best regards

Nicolas Nanchen

Dera Mr Law, Just back in Italy today.

Your packing is impressive of efficiency.

Let us look at the trip that the equipment did in the last 2 weeks:

-Hong-Kong – Shanghai: by air ?

-Shanghai-Xi’an: by air

-Xi’an-Guangzhou: by air

-Guangzhou-Hanoi: by air

-Hanoi Hué: by train

-Hué-Nha Trang: by bus

- Nha-Trang-Ho Chi Minh city: by air

- Ho Chi Minh city-Bangkok: by air

-Bangkok-Paris by air

-Paris-Bologna: by air

Thus your parcel has passed 4 borders, has been trasported at least 20 times by taxi, before to be registered as air freight.

It supported the weight of my youngest son Léo, & years old, at any airport transfer.

The parcel arrived intact this morning with us in Italy. Out of the box the equipment started immediately.

That is to my eyes a self talking proof of the quality of service offered by Cattylink.

Cheers by now


Hi Samson,

Thankyou for all your help with my order. You have answered all my questions quickly and kept me informed with the progress of my order.

I am very happy with your company and look forward to receiving my new JA-88D.

I will recommend you to my freinds.

Thanks again.



Dear Samson,

Pleased to inform you that the amps arrived in good condition.

Have connected the units - very pleased with the sound !

Thanks very much.

Best regards,


Hello Chris

I would like to advise you that I have received the amp yesterday.

It arrived  securely packaged - I expect it would have even survived a nuclear explosion.

I have now installed it and am vey happy with the performance of this unit.

Kind Regards

John Bednarz

Dear Chris,

      I was away for sometime. I have received the optical head for the Shengya CD player and had replaced the damaged one. The player is now working perfectly. I am very happy with its performance. Thanks very much for the assistance.


    Best regards,

   Chen Chee Yam



I booked the MC-7R on 6 Jun 09 and received it on 15 Jun 09.  I must admit that your service is fantastic, imagine you had to process my purchase order, put the set through tests, packed it up nicely and shipped it all the way from Hong Kong to Singapore and finally right at my door step all in 10 days. I must congratulate you for the kind of service rendered because every question I put forward, Jerry answered promptly.

I have yet to set up my MC-7R and I am looking forward to the performance this weekend after I set up the preamp with my other equipment.


Christopher Leong

Received the amplifier last week.

Thank you so much. It is very nice for the money.

Clifford Barry in Switzerland

Dear Samson,

Thanks for your service, you were excellent all the way through out this purchase.

I just wanted to say that I've received the Shanling T100SE CD player today in good condition and i can say that this is a superb sounding cd player. Now i'm eyeing for the tube amp. I've been looking at the Mingda (MC368-B 90) and Cayin (A88T). In your opinion which of this two are the better sounding tube amp and value for money. Once again thank you so much.

Sincerely Regards


I just received the Jolida and just wanted to congralutade you for your effectiveness, I was delivered very fast and the quality of this player is really nonstandard....

Thanks one more,you can publish my answer....

very best regards


Dear Mr. Law,

today reached me the ordered MHZS CD33 Vacuum CD Player.Thank you very much for your professional packing!

I am very satified with the quality and it sounds good.

Yours sincerely

Jürgen Hassert

Hi Samson

I have now had the Jungsons for a few weeks. I am very pleased with

them and they function all right with my quad 989.

Thank you


Henrik Scheel

Hi again,

I just want to confirm that the products have arrived safely and seem to work flawlessly. Thank you for the great service. I look forward to purchase from Cattylink again!

Best regards,


Dear Snowy,

the RCU arrived and IT WORKS PERFECTLY!

You are the best. Thanks a lot!

Best regards Nils Plambeck


Really thank you for your kind, quick and professional support!

Thanks again, it is a pleasure doing business with CATTYLINK

Warm regards

Vittorio Battaglia

Dear Snowy,

I have received the speakers, they are just beautiful.

I wish to congratulate you on a job well done, you have guided me well through this purchase. I wish the world of online buying could have a thousand Snowy's. I am very pleased with the way you handled this and previous transactions, You have earned and gained my complete trust.

As far as my system sound goes, I am quite happy. I still have to find the best position for the speakers, the right height for a listening chair and other room factor adjustments.

The ribbons work well and the highs are detailed and natural. The bass only comes to life, and greatly so, above 10 o'clock of volume, but I suspect placement will enhance it. The midrange is clear.

I am enjoying discovering and uncovering the potential of the system. Should you have or get any information on any of the components in the form of reviews, company suggestions or tweaks, I would be most grateful if you could forward these to me for insight and improvement.

My wife and I sat listening to You Yo Ma playing his Cello to the music of Enio Morricone, It was the first time that I saw her enjoying classical music that much. The timbre of the instrument sounded good for speakers not yet played in.

My sincere thanks and best wishes for you and your team, I think of you as I enjoy the music and will surely highly recommend you.

Thomas and Family.

Hi Mr/s Law,

I just wanted to say that I've received the CD player this week in good condition.

Thanks for your service, you were excellent all the way through.

I'll definitely use your service again when I want to buy chinese Hi-Fi.


~Wehwah Yuen

Dear mr Snow , good evening ,

finally the new cables are arrived yesterday by TNT vith Esound dumper .

Today i have matched all and i've start to listen music .

congratulation , you are a great seller but much more great good listen and music fan/expert .

I don't believe that my ear hear .

Beautiful sound , great power and punch at low frequency , power and clear middle frequency , crystal and clear sound vith high frequency.

Absoluty with the spikers foot .

I'm very happy to have that , so i can listen my favourite music .

Thanks for all ,

Best regards

Fabio Peleggi


The Dac 5 was received yesterday and tested in my stereo.

First impression is very good, I shall test more this evening.

Thank you for your support and good service.

I want to try a tube pre-amplifier, maybe I come back to you.

Best regards


Hi Snowy,

just a note to say the doge 6 cd player has settled in and is superb.  I had auditioned the naim cd5x, Musical Fidelity a5, Primare 31 and many more and this is a class above them all.  

It is very sensitive to placement and definately benefits from a decent power cord.  As to power cords I have tried the Chord and Silvermann but not decided which to buy yet, let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thanks for your help and excellent service.


Dear Cattylink Employe

The Amp just arrived. I fell happy.

I have posted a Info on a german board.

Thank you again for your work.

Next time I will shurely ordere with you









Dear Mr. Snowy,  

yesterday I have received in perfect state the amplifiers Xindak XA8800MNE: they are splendid and they work a lot of good, also the pre-amplifier Xindak XA3250 work well.  

I want to thank you for the kind attentions to satisfy my order very well.  

As I have seen on the site of the Xindak that is also the pre-amplifier solid-state  Xindak XA8350 that a lot of good works with the final Xindak XA8800MNE, I would like an estimate in USD for the XA8350 acquisition with the transport and Paypal.  

I still thank you and sincerely best regards.

Pierangiolo Turini






Paolo Tersigni


Doge 6 arrived the other day. All is well. Thank You for the pleasant

transaction. This is an incredable sounding player that replaced another

tubed player that cost 4x as much and is better in build and sound quality.

Truly impressive. Does your company carry the Gold interconnects that were

supplied with the Doge 6?

Best Regards,


Dear Sir,

just i want let you know that the CDP Doge 6 arrived on Thuesday in

perfect condition and i am very pleased with it.

Many thanks for your advice and service.


Andrzej Brzostowski

Dear Mister Law,

thank you very much for this smooth und comfortable transaction.

I will recommendating your company.


Karl Kohl



E5 arrived safely yesterday.  No problems everything good and sounds good so far.   Purchase was very easy with no problems at all and I was quite scared at first to purchase from such a long way away.  There was no need to worry.

How much burn in does it usually need to obtain best performance.


Thanks Again.


Dear Mr.Law,

yesterday I received your products,very well packed as always. I thank you for you performed your great service perfectly, in a very efficient and fast way (less than 4 days from Hong-Kong to Robecco sul Naviglio). I appreciated very much the Jolida JD9 (very nice looking, great sound and no hum or buzz) and the excellent Analog Research speaker-cables you chose for me.  I am very pleased to have bought these excellent products from you at your unbeatable prices.

Thanks once again for your great assistance and very efficient service.

Best regards.


Dear Mr LAW,

I did receive the cables and fuse yesterday.

The gold raincoat speaker cable is very fine on my system.

I compared the AC05 and the Gold raincoat IC. I find the Gold raincoat more detailed and warm.

My Klipsch are happy with the stuff I bought from you !

Shanling CDS100 -> Gold Raincoat -> Cayin A88T -> Gold Raincoat -> Klipsch RF35.

I just changed the pre amp tubes for NOS ones (Raytheon VT231 6SN7 and Sylvania VT229 6SL7) and checked the bias (it that was correct).

Thank you for your advices.


Dear Mr Snowy

Today I have received my amplifier.

The packaging arrived integral, fast delivery and amplifier perfectly working.

In near future I will still acquire from cattylink.


Carlo Conti

Deas mr. Snow,

thank you wery much for your care and attetion for me( and patience too);

the goods are finally arrived today at my house .

I spend 4 hour of my time to cut the box and match all .

Finally, i have heard the sound.......

congratulation!!!!I'm astonished,...in my house i never ever immaginated to listen this sound.

At this moment my speaker sistem are the " Kef " but at the end the week i'll go to buy a new B&W type.

I'm very happy .

Thank you wery much again and all the best.

Fabio Peleggi

Hello Sir Law,

The jolida JD100S is wonderful. What a wonderful sound it has !

Everything was in perfect condition as if i had bought it in a store here. Good job you did.

Thank you very much , it was a pleasure to deal with you and i started to recommend you in many french hi-fi websites.

See you soon , i mean next year :-) and have you and all your family a wonderful happy end of this year


Dear Mr. LAW,

Sorry for my late reply, I was busy preparing my relocation to Asia. Thank you very much for your sending the new remote, I duly received it and it works properly.

Again, thank you very much for the high quality of after-sale service which you showed all the way, I will be sure to make Cattylink my prefered shop for my next buy of high-end audio equipment.

I wish you excellent year-end celebrations.

Best regards,



the cd player cayin cd17 is arrived this morning today. all is ok and well package.

i think i 'll place an order of jolida music van now.

so tell me me price with shipping for the jolida.(perhaps 2 cd player)



   All things arrived this afternoon.

The inner box was in good condition and absolutly no damaged.

just 48h for all the trip, considering the time lag.

 The XA8800 sound great, warm and precise on 20 years old Tannoy


Just a little bit too cold for cooking, but OK if I want keep the tea


I just test the Shanling SLM-A40 before I send it to my brother.

Paris time 17:45   Hong Kong time 00:45

Best regards.

Dear Snowy,

Ok, then let me thank you one more time for the fantastic service en communication and off course for a great cd-player. I wish you a nice christmas and a good and healthy 2008.

Kind regards,

Mick Santifort


I have the stuff in hand, and it is all working fine. I am very  

pleased with delivery and products. Only four working days from Hong  

Kong is most impressive and just as fast as if I ordered it from  

Norway. I might order from you next time too and recommend you to my  


I have read a little about jungson ja88d and heard much positive. Do  

you also recommend this or have you something your rather recommend  

at this price. My speakers plays well with Shanling, so is the sound  

close to Shanling. How will you compare ja88d to slm-a40?

Best regards

Ole Joar Bruset

dear mr. law

the 2 gold raincoat cables arrived this noon. everything worked out

very fine. i would like to thank you very much for your great

business, help and products.

best regards, martin fahrni

Dear Snowy Law,

I would like to express my sincere thanks for your

service and an outstanding headphone amp from DOGE to

pair my 48-ohm Audio Technica W5000 and the NADC525BEE

CD player.

The DOGE 6210 is indeed, something that I haven't

heard at this price point before - where everything is

simply well defined and most of all - clearly focused

with soundstaging that I'm most happy with. In fact,

the DOGE allows me to experience smooth BUT precise

delineation of complex passages without the sharp

brightness...Although I found my headphone very

sensitive to volume changes (due to low impedance),

everything stays just 'smooth', and amazingly

non-distorted even at high volume levels. I've already

ordered several 12AX7 tubes and EL84s for custom


My question is simply regarding the Xindak silver

fuse. My NAD C525 BEE CD player has 4 fuses in total -

is it safe just replacing one of those fuses with the

only one Xindak fuse? Or is it safer to replace all

four fuses with four 2A version of Xindak Silver


All in all, I am very, very pleased with your honest

service in the past to help making my decisions. I

would not hesitate to make a purchase from you again

sometime in the future. The DOGE 6210 is indeed

something that has to be heard to be believed.

My sincere thanks,

Andrew W.

Dear Snowy,

I have received the goods as ordered, in good condition and no damages at all.

The packing worked well. A very smooth transaction, thanks to you for excellent service.

I am very happy with the quality and performance.

Thank you very much.

Thomas van Wyngaard

Dear Snowy,

I got my MC-7r amp yesterday and it’s very good. I’m totally satisfied with your service and the sound quality of the amp.

As I said, I have several things in my shopping list. I hope I’ll continue to do business with you.


Hyun Seok Lee from South korea

Dear sir,

a few weeks ago I ordered a Consonance M100 Mk6 in your website. The package was delivered quickly and with no problem of any kind, as I was hoping from your company considering the good reputation you have on French forums.

I wanted to give the Consonance a good listen before writing to thank you for your help and advice, and I must say I am very happy with the product, which is very well built and provide a very pleasant sound, with the beautiful timbres generally associated with good tubes amplifiers but also a high level of transparency and no over-the-top warmth and without sounding sluggish in any way (at the contrary). The match with my Cabasse loudspeakers is excellent and so I wanted to thank you for your excellent services and advice. I don't think I will be looking for another amplifier any time soon ! Please thank all your team for everyhting.

Best regards,


Boulogne, France


I don't have words to express my happiness for the

quality of the amplifier and for the efficiency and professionalism of

your job.  


I hope to make soon other purchases from you, and surely

I will speak of you to others my impassioned friends of music.  


Anchors so many graces.   


Hi from Italy.   



many thanks


Got the Xindak DAC5...brilliant service best ever from far east....looking for more now....


Dear Snowy,

the package is arrived.

thank you.   If you want, You can add my feedback to your site.  i write something here:


 "Dear Snowy,

Thank you very much.   The amplifier jolida 1501rc is arrived in Milan Italy after just three days.

It works perfectly.   It can drive my dynaudio 72 (86db, 4 ohm) without problems, and the sound is warm and powerfull, also with the standard tubes.

Thank you also for the asistence via email. I've never found another seller so quick to answer to my questions.

I'm very satisfied about your shop!

Best regards,

Marco,  From Milan, Italy"

Hi Snowy

The cd e5 arrived perfect

Listening to it now very very good

Surpasses my meridian and mephisto!!



Dear Sir,

I well received the DOGE 6210.

Everything is working fine (few hours of test).

Thanks a lot for your great service.

Best regards,


Sincere thanks to you Mr. Law for all the help!

Sorry to trouble you with fuse issue which was my fault but service Cattylink provided was 1st class in repairing it at my hotel and delivering another unit.  Please feel free to use me as reference to other customers in US.

I bought US edition of Dussun V8i and matched it with Esound CD-E5 European Edition and sounds is just wonderful.  It sounded much better with Signature Edition (to my surprise) but my wife told me to match silver color with V8i...

Here is an interesting article from Forbes magazine about high end Chinese audio:


Again sincere thanks...

Dear Mr Law,

just dropping you a note to let you know the M100 arrived safely on Friday.

The packaging is very solid, indeed!

As for the amp itself, it's a very good looking piece of equipment and

certainly gives a good owner's feeling. Performance wise it certainly does

not disappoint. Compared to my enormous Jungson, it obviously (and

fortunately since this somewhat special Jungson model retails in Norway for

usd6000..) cannot keep up on most "hifi parameters". I have therefore not

done any side-by-side comparisons, but simply put the Jungson aside and

judged M100 on its own merits. Here are my first impressions:

The most striking thing is the smoothness and musicality. I have never

before been able to listen to music basically non-stop for a whole day

without suffering from listening fatigue. Now i can. There are no traces of

harshness and agressive sibilants and it has no problems driving the

Monitor Audios. Seems, by the way, as this is quite a good match. For being

Monitor Audio, the Silver S2 is actually leaning towards "warm" in its

sonic fingerprint and a tube amp seems to complement this aspect.

The M100 seems to do a very good job on perspective and one can easily

"see" into the sound and place voices and instruments in 3 dimensions.

Resolution is also very decent and it manages to present the air around

strings and, for instance, cymbals. Vocals are credibly presented and sound

very life-like. Bass performance is surprisingly good and it is able to

rock more than I thought it would be. It seems to be able to go lower than

the loudspeakers are able to.

When things get busy, for instance a very virtous double-bass solo of Niels

Henning 豶sted Pedersen with Joe pass on guitar and Oscar Peterson setting

chords in the background, it tends to lose a bit control over the

background and the piano and guitar in this example are being a bit

obscured and difficult to trace accurately. But overall, I really think

this is a killer amp for the money and the best measure or evidence is the

fact that i have been playing music every awake moment since i got it into

the apartment!

Have on question in the end: The M100 seems to have a fairly laid-back

character and having tested the Gold Raincoat interconnects versus other

cables i have in my #1 system, they also seem to be of the more "modest"

and laid back type. Unless I'm completely wrong, would you be able to

comment whether a pair of Xindak FA2 or FA Gold could make a worthwhile

improvement? If so, i'm inclined to purchase a pair together with my

pending order ciq350747 (assuming it doesn't detriment the freight cost).


Vidar Skaar


got the amp today, great sounding and super packing thanks a bunch=)




Dear Snowy

I will just tell you that the Doge's have already arrived. We have only tried one of the amps so far and it works perfect. I'm shure the other one also works just as fine.



Best regards

Vegard Arneson

Hello Snowy!




Dear Mr Law


My new Cayin amplifier has been delivered this morning in France. Everything is OK. I want to thank you for the quality of your service: quick and efficient.


In any case, I'm fully satisfied with the sound result. And I think now to buy a CD-player...

Thanks for all.

Yours sincerily,


 Patrick Jolivet

Hi Snowy, I did received the E5 in good condition and sounds great.  Thanks

for the excellent services.



Dear Snowy,

The 2 parcels have been delivered by DHL this afternoon (!).

I have now to break in the Classic 16.0 and enjoy it...

Oh, thanks for the cables, it's a nice present !

Best regards and many thanks again to Cattylink team.

Nasser Adli

Hello! I have received Cayin a88t and cd player cdt17 about two week

ago but I could't test them till now . Today I have composed my new

audio system and I want to thank you for the very good products and

your professionalism. I hope to make other business with you.

Thank you again.

Best regards

Renzo Tostini

Dear mister Law:

I have receiver the amplifier today, and all i can say is AWESOME!!.

Nice amp looking, rich and powerful sound. If this is chinese hi-fi,

european and american manufacturers will have to make an effort in terms of

quality to maintain their position, and, of course, they will have to lower

their abusive prices.

I am also very pleased with your service. Item was perfectly packed,

although courier hitted external box, internal one and amp were in perfect


I will recomend you to friends ;-)

Thank you for everything.

Best regards.

Roberto Varela.

Hi Snowy.........received the E5 yesterday.....fastest shipping I'd ever seen! Going to set up and play it this weekend! Thanks!!!!!!!!! Mike Petranick


The preamp has arrived alive and well.

Beautifull item as soon i have run in the amp will post you a review.

Many thanks for the smooth transaction and best wishes

Edmee Engel from Luxemburg

Dear Mr. Snowy Law,

just confirming that the amplifier has arrived here in excellent condition

and as I've been informed, performing beautifully. I'm sure as it gets a few

hour under it's belt, it'll sound even better. Thank you very much again for

the very professional and efficient service, rest assured when the time

comes to acquire some more high end equipment, Cattylink will be the first I

contact. All the best for the future.

Kind Regards,

Peter Chalupa

Dear Snowy,

I received the unit in what seems to be record time!

I am listening to it as I type and I am very


I only look forward to improved sound as time passes.

Should I find the need to purchase other audio gear I

will give your company every consideration!


Mark F Clement

Dear Mr. Law,

the delivery arrived this tuesday, everything ok!

The classic 16.6 sounds really good, together with my audio-components.

Thank you very much for the included gifts and

the fast service.

best regards,

Marcus Boehme

Dear Mr Law,

The e-5 arrived and is great I am also impressed with the pw 3 I  

plugged it in and my could hear a difference. I should get a second  

one of the PW 3 and 2 more of the power cables, very impressive  


 I then swapped in the E sound and it is indeed gorgeous. I first  

listened to a couple of Dire Straits cuts, and found the E Sound very  

nice indeed. Then Eric Clapton Unplugged, the combination of warmth  

and detail is terrific. Creedence Chronicles, and John Fogarty never  

sounded better. This is out of the box improvement, as it should be.

Thank You for all of your help/


John Clark

Dear Snowy Law,

I am pleased to confirm receipt of the E Sound Singnature series cd player.

TNT delivered the package to me of Friday Jan4, 2008.

After listening to it only for a few hours over the weekend, I've got to

say that you've got a winner there. The player makes my speakers sound

great and my whole musical experience has moved up to a higher plane.

I have noticed significant improvement in the quality and tone of the music

all around - the treble and mid range are very clear and pronounced and the

base has a nice warmth to it.

I would certainly recommend it to any serious audiophile.

Thanks also for the efficient handling of my purchase request and



Darryl Netto

Dear Snowy,

The items has arrived safely at my house. All has been unpacked and plugged

in exept the Yarland.

The first impression of the E5 is great! Much more detail and what a smack

in the bass! Never heard anything like it before!

I will let it play on "repeat" for a few days and will give you my

"judgement" then :)

Thank you for the wonderful cables. The powercables are just awesome with

their dimensions. Can try to give you a feedback on them to.

DHL has changed their way of doing things, so I did not have to pay taxes at

this point. A bill will be sent later so I do not know if everyting is OK

with that, but guess it is.

And now....MUSIC!

Best regards


dear mr. law

the items arrived safely at my door. your packages were more than

superiour. the spider racks look great and work really well. the

esound e5 signature is absolutely beautiful and sounds even better

than i expected, truely one of the best players i ever heard.

many thanks for all your care and help. dealing with you was a real

pleasure and you can rest asure that i will return again when time

arrives for new hifi items.

many thanks and best regards, martin fahrni

Hi Snowy

The cd5 arrived perfect

Listening to it now very very good

Surpasses my meridian and mephisto!!



Sent from David's iPhone


the player sounds very good

the packaging was also "on the best"

your consulting and sales service was "superior"

...but the last question:

a) how can i connect the Head-Amp?

- CDP = East Sound

- Head-Amp shanglig T 300

- PreAmp EAR 834L

-  Power Amp: AudioValve

Thank^s for your Help




The Esound E5 signature cd player arrived today, it is fantastic. Puts my Jungson Moon Harbour in the shade and it still is really only half burnt in!

Hope to deal with you again soon, as your whole service is 2nd to none. Definitely recommended. The 120 hr test, puts your mind at rest, about the possibility of receiving a DOA.

I just have to convince the wife that I really do need those extra items.

Must dash I have a lot more cd’s to try out.

Many thanks


Dear Snowy,

I wanted to let you know that I received the player in excellent condition.

It took some time for me to write to you because I had an urgent

business trip abroad.

Below are my impressions about the cd player.

-Excellent build quality,

-Very good timing,

-Very musical with density and weight,

-Very smooth yet detailed sound.

In short, I am very happy with the purchase, very good value for the money.

Once again, I thank you for your very friendly and close cooperation.

Please do not hesitate to publish my comments on your website if preferred.

Best Regards,


Dear Mr. Snowy.

Received today the ESOUND E5 Signature Edition (quick considering distance).

Thanks a lot for the serious and transparent clear business – good to do business and always be informed about what is going on.

About the packing – I really got nervous after opening the 1st box. Then upset to see a 2nd box. And finally happy to se that the 3rd box was the CD-Player. Just one comment – Outstanding, excellent packing – just warn that you have to have patience to open the boxes (and not get nervous like a kid opening its present).

Now listening for the first hour and already see that I have done an excellent purchase. Very good and deep bass….but controlled. Did not know that my speakers were able to make real music, not just an attempt of it.

All in all I am a happy customer and will write a review of this player once on my main system and a few weeks burned in.

Please feel free to use my mail in your web.

Thanks again and regards from Spain,


Thanks Snowy.

I had time to listen to the player for  an hour or two last night while it was running from a NBS Signature power cord. The player is very impressive. I was using a modified Marantz DV9600 previously for CD playback.  Details are about the same but there is definite improvement to soundstaging, more three-dimensional, and body without loss of details. Love that bass... it was "thumpingly" good. I was slightly concerned over it being too boomy and the mids weak from the reviews but its nice and tight. Mids stand out nicely, with no colouration. Highs are not sharp. Can't wait to try it with the silver reference power cord and try different music genre's.  Oddly though (contrary to the reviews), I preferred the balanced outs rather than RCAs but this could vary (as you had pointed out earlier), with different types of music.

Great job!




just letting you know the esound 5 cd player is here safely

this was packed to a very high standard

the player itself is a very beautiful and the sound wow excellent

thank you for your effort you put in to get it to me

thank you

all the best


Dear Sir,

I received the Esound Cdp and am really pleased with its performance. Am

finding it really hard

to turn it off, the sound is so intoxicating.

I would like some information on the Jungson Ja-50 mono blocks. The price

per pair and also the price of shipping to the same address which is Dubai

UAE. Am aware that these amps would be

heavy, so I would appreciate the best possible shipping rate.


Travis Bastian

Snowy Law

I received the CD player. I can't believe the difference. More life better bottom end. Great choice. At dinner tonight my wife said to me that this CD player is cleaner sounding and doesn't need as much volume to sound good.


I'm still playing around with it. .


Any word on which amp I should purchase.


Keep in touch. If you any reference I'm there for you.

Thanks again Marc

Dear Snowy,

My E5 arrived! (only 3 days after sending from Hong Kong).

I don't want to write another long review. I think almost everything about

this fantastic player is said.

My search ist finally over. I had compared Naim, Creek an Unison Unico and

some others. These cost the double of what I paid for the E5.

I磎 sure these are high-end cdps, but the E5 is exceptional. The manufacture

is like the sound: perfect,-more than I have expected.

My primary fears were not justified, quite the contrary: This is the

best-audiophile-buy I made!

Thanks for the absolute trouble-free service!

Best regards from Germany,



Hi Snowy,

I have been blown away by the E-5, it sounds far better than any other cd player I have ever heard.  There is no hint of cd harshness, it is like listening to the mastertapes!

I am also very impressed with the gold raincoat cables you sent me, which have a very clear top end and very accurate soundstage.  I would like to order another pair or two, can you let me know the price please?

Many thanks,

Michael Prime

Dear Snowy,

It's amazing how dramatically obvious the difference between the E3 and E5 is. I thought I would need some time to warm up the machine. The 1200 hours that you took to test out the player must have helped with the warming up time. I have read your comments about E3 and E5 again and cannot agree with you more. Yes, you are so right in your comments about density. That's the problem I have with other CD players other than E3. Many so called high end CD players tend to emphasie the staging and range of frequency without giving it more substance or density as you have correctly put it. It is like having the same amount of material and try to spread it around to fill the increased soundstage. This gives a hollow sound and even shrilling sound in the higher frequencies. This distorts the music and makes it become unmusical. What the E5 has been able to do was to have more substance to fill the large soundstage and hence every instrument and voice has pinpoint accuracy and substance. Yes, the bass extension and resolution is what makes the sound more real and more full. It certainly retains all the natural warmth that the E3 has and more. It is not an artificial warmth which the Marantz players tend to have but it is natural like vinyl. The most suprisising thing is that all my CDs have sounded better, including pop, rock, jazz and of course classical. This is irrespective of the quality of the recording. Again, many high end CD players have rendered poorly recorded material unplayable due to the thin sound it created. You can tell I am extremely happy with my CD player. I am convinced that E5 is certainly in the group of top 5 CD players irrespective of price. THANKS AGAIN FOR HELPING ME MAKING THE PURCHASE. YOUR COMMENTS HAS BEEN INVALUABLE AS IT IS ALL I CAN BASE ON FOR MY PURCHASE AND THEY ARE ABSOULUTELY CORRECT.


P.S. I have not used the sliver fuse yet. I wonder how much more it will enhance the performance. I will a bit longer to try that option out.

Dear  Snowy:

I am very much pleased to let you that the E5 has

arrived and I can't express how happy I am with the

entire experience:

- The unit has arrived in excellent shape and it was a

timely delivery - the packaging was immaculate and

very professional. The documentation is great!

- The sound in my system has improved profoundly with

the swapping of my cambridge azur  640c with the E5 as

a front-end. The sound is very lush with great detail

and an amazing imaging and soundstage. It is also very

natural and has a tube vibe to it.

Please feel free to post these comments on your site

and let me know if you need me to post them anywhere

for you and/or spread the word by further means. I

can't be happier with the entire experience and look

forward to future purchases.


Dear Mr Kwan,

After having listened to my new ESound CD-E5 Sign.Etd for quite some hours,

I just wanted to send you an email expressing my satisfaction with the

player and the purchase as such. First of all, I must confess to being a bit

hesitant to overseas orders like this, but you have surely proven I had no

reason to be concerned. The service you have provided can be summarized in

one word: Outstanding! The rock solid packaging and the swiftness of the

delivery also made a good impression, indeed.

As to the CD-player, it exceeds my expectations of what i thought was

obtainable within this price point. It digs out details from my records

which I have never before heard! The sound (compared to my past Cayin) now

has a depth, dimension and image which makes it virtually impossible to tell

that the sound is actually coming from the loudspeakers. The way instruments

and voices can now be placed in three dimensions is best described as

thrilling. Further it has in my ears an agile and fairly deep extending bass

which never fails to spit out the lower frequencies of my favourite jazz

albums featuring double bass. I'm also impressed with the lucidity and

abscence of harshness in the midrange and treble. Sibilants could previously

sometimes be uncomfortable, but not anymore. I put the player to the test

with some recordings that are horribly revealing and that can sound

intrusive and borderline uncomfortable on lesser equipment - but the E5

passed with flying colors. Even my girlfriend had to conceed she had never

thought a CD-player could make so much of a difference.. Could have written

lots more, but will leave it with this because my intention was merely to


Thanks for a great product and an equally great service!

Hi Snowy,

I am absolutely amazed.  You and DHL are to be congratulated on remarkable service - the CD player arrived at 09:30 this morning just two and a half days after leaving Hong Kong.  I am completely dumbfounded at how it could arrive so quickly.  Your packaging is amazing, multiple boxes took me ages to open!

Most importantly the CD player is safe and well and sounds amazing straight out of the box.  Thanks you also for the spare cables and you care and attention thoughout the transaction.  Please feel free to name me for testimonial purposes - this is the best transaction I have ever conducted.  Thanks you so much once again and I hope to do business again with you soon.

Regards from England

Dear Snowy Law,

The Esound Signature arrived yesterday, and I must say how pleased I am with it's performance, and with the quality of service from Cattylink. The communications I have had have been first class, allowing me to buy with confidence despite the distances involved, and the potential for difficulty with overseas orders.

The Esound player is without doubt the very best value for money I have yet listened to, and in my opinion a real threat to American and European "big names" in the $1500 - $6000 price range... and maybe even higher value players, but I have yet to hear such elite (expensive!!) technology!

The packaging of the player for shipment was perfect, and I can guarantee to worried potential customers that Cattylink don't take any chances with your item... bomb-proofed in cardboard! TNT did a great job of shipping the player to the UK, and the tracking was helpful: to receive such a heavy player from across the world in two days is fantastic.

So, I am a very happy customer, who hopes to do business again very soon.

Please feel free to reproduce my comments on the website for the benefit of potential customers.

All the best for the future.