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about us     warranty / return    packaging     new products    all products     orders tracking     reviews     special offer     contact

XINDAK DAC 8 Stereo Vacuum Tube / Solid State DA Converter




Superior timbre upgrade based on DAC 5  

Analog Devices AD1852 24bit / 192Khz DAC chipset

BB OPA2604 and non-inductive resistors for analog filter stage

24bit / 96Khz and 24bit / 192KHz selectable upsampling modes

Toroidal transformer x 2 + 6 independent sets power supply

Xindak patented Bias Technology

Full remote control for volume and decoding mode

Vaccum tube  RCA output x 1pair

Solid state RCA output and XLR balanced output x 1pair each

Detachable power cord system (IEC)






Frequency response: 10Hz - 20KHz

S/N ratio: 112db

Vacuum tube: E88CC

Upsampling format: 24bit / 96Khz and 24bit / 192Khz switchable

Total harmonic distortion + Noise: -102db

Dynamic range: >116dB





Voltage Standard Available: 220V, 230V

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com


USD 828- per set including:
1. Silver Raincoat high-end digital coaxial cable 1M set x 1SET
2. Detachable power cord matched with your country
3. Professional quality assurance tests before shipment
4. English operation manual
5. All original vacuum tubes
6. Original remote control unit
7. One Year original warranty
Charges upon checkout including:
1. DHL or TNT International express door-to-door delivery
2. Professional Anti-pressure packaging (What is this??)
3. Insurance, payment, local handling and document fees

No Hidden Charges
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