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Droplet LP3.3 Turntable:

Featuring precision stainless steel bearing, Germany made AC motor drive system, one-piece machined acrylic platter and Droplet shaped multiple layer sub chassis.

Double graphite rings hold the spindle bearing of both the Droplet turntable & ST100 tone-arm, working as a sandwich hard damping system.

The whole system sits on 3 stainless steel adjustable balancing feet to ensure the deck is precisely level adjusted.

The stainless steel bearing has achieved watch grade precision (± 0.1mm ) and finishing. It is in a floatation bearing design that suspends the platter on a high rigid industrial ceramic ball bearing and a highly rigid industrial ceramic cushion to reduce friction.

ST100 Tonearm:

Multi-pivot static balance tonearm system

Stainless steel arm base

Watch grade precision ( ± 0.1mm ) and finish

Carbon fiber arm tube - absorb vibration from the counterweight

Vertical height (Zenith/VTA) , azimuth and anti-skate adjustable.

Terminations: stainless steel head shell clips, 24k Teflon Din

Complete grounding of entire tonearm for lowest possible noise


Droplet LP3.3 Turntable:

Wow and Flutter: <0.2%

Rumble: Greater than 80db down

Speed accuracy: Within 0.01%

Motor AC power connection: 220V~240V, 50Hz

ST100 Tonearm:

Pivot system: Multi-pivot static balance

Effective length (pivot to stylus): 230 mm (9”)

Overhang: 16mm

Offset : 23.5 degree

Recommend cartridge weight : 4-16g

Total weight (without counter weight): 470g

Main counter weight: 62g

Incidental counter weight: 24g

Anti-skating weight: 2g

Arm base and head-shell: Stainless steel

Arm tube: Carbon fiber

Stock Availability Status: PRODUCTION STOPPED