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BLAUDIO Lp1 mk2 Battery Operated Transformer Pre-Amplifier


BLAUDIO LP1 mkII does not use  tubes or solid state parts (no transistors or op amps) to reproduce sound. Instead, two nanotechnology produced high end transformers powered by a battery power supply, are used to amplify the sound. The preamp’s transformers act like a moving coil cartridge on a grands scale to reproduce sound.

For further improvement on its silent background, it uses an outboard dual battery power supply to provide energy to the transformers.  One battery may be in use while the other one undergoes charging. The battery power supply comes with its own charger and has a VU meter that indicates charge potential, an on/off switch and a switch that allows you to switch between the dual battery supply.

Music emerges from a deadly quiet background and is true to its original source.  Because of its unique amplification characteristics, LP1 mkII is the closest device to a straight wire with gain – reproducing low level signals without excessive grain or disembodiment.


Vinyl analogue sound, very musical sonic characters

Class A circuit design

Battery operated (similar to Nagra model)

2 x Nanotechnology produced high-end transformers

Isolated battery charger and power supply  

2 sets of rechargeable 600mAH Ni-Mh battery packs inside

1 set in use, 1 set in charging model

High-end parts employed including the “Noble” volume control from UK

Add on Headphone amplification circuit




Input Impedance: 100Kohms

Gain: 12db

Bandwidth: 3Hz - 150kHz (-3db)

Total Harmonic Distortion (1kHz): <=0.05%

S/N Ratio: > 105db

Input interface: Gold plated RCA x 1 pair

Ouput interface: Gold plated RCA x 1 pair, 6.5mm headphone jack x 1

Power: +/-9.6V 600mA

Battery operation time: 25 hours for each battery


Stock Availability Status: ITEM DELETED