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JungSon Moon Harbour (CD-S3) Vacuum Tube CD/HDCD Player


The Moon Harbour uses a high grade Burr Brown PCM 1732 DAC. This DAC upsamples internally to 96/24 and includes a HDCD filter, allowing this single chip to upsample, perform D to A conversion and automatically recover HDCD data. This high level of integration not only aids reliability, but lowers the generation of EMI/RFI data within the player which can pollute the analogue output stage, increasing distortion and spurious signal generation.

The Output Stage

The Moon Harbour has been carefully designed to minimize the amount of spurious EFI/RFI generated within the player, together with controlling stray magnetic flux and vibrational energy which can, in itself, cause distortion through microphonic effects. This has resulted in an analogue output stage requiring far less of the usual heavy filtering used in CD players to remove these various types of distortion from the signal and gives the Moon Harbour a sound and presentation which is far more accurate to the original musical event. The Moon Harbour tube version employs 3 vacuum tubes in the output stages to create tube fantasy.

Power Supply

One often overlooked area of CD player design is the power supply, yet this is a crucial area as failure to supply sufficient current to the analogue output stage, inadequate isolation between the digital and analogue stages, ineffective filtering of the incoming power and lack of damping of the magnetic fields generated by transformers can all prove seriously detrimental to the performance of a high end CD player.

The PSU design begins with a massive transformer, a transformer which is capable of delivering much more power than asked for, meaning lower levels of stray magnetic fields within the CD player chassis. To further ensure isolation of the transformer from the rest of the players internal electronics, the transformer has a copper shield enveloping the windings, effectively isolating the transformer from it's environment. The power is then rectified and fed to a bank of capacitors which, in turn, feed the individual analogue and digital circuits together with the transport mechanism, each well isolated from each other, ensuring that modulations in one circuit pass the other circuits without distortion.


To ensure long term supply and consistency, the VAM 1202, a direct replacement for the classic Philips CDM 12.1 and 12.2 transports used in players such as the Primare and Sugden Masterclass players has been used.To further enhance its performance the transport has been mounted onto a slab of copper, 10mm thick and 160mm wide which is then fixed to the base plate of the player. This rectangular slab has also been precisely machined to break up the resonant modes in the material. The resultant mass loaded transport delivers very near state of the art performance in a compact chassis.

Chassis design

One of the key principles of the design is to allow the CD transport to operate free from unwanted resonance and vibrations, a platform which would neither distort or flex, a platform which would provide a rigid base for the analogue and digital circuits together with the digital transport. The decision was taken to use a multi element chassis with extruded 4mm thick aluminum side cheeks, profiled so at to break up resonance which could form in a solid slab of aluminum, with an 8mm thick aluminum front panel, and a base plate made from two sheets of material, aluminum and copper, bonded together to form a multi layer composite. The copper was placed on this base plate to form a highly effective RFI/EMI shield from components which may be located beneath it in an equipment rack. A heavily damped 3mm top plate finishes off the enclosure, making a none resonant enclosure, highly resistant to vibration and resonance's, allowing the electronics to operate at their highest level of performance.  


The Moon Harbour can be controlled from the simple transport buttons on the top plate of the CD player, which are inset in a milled enclosure and are designed to illuminate when used giving a visual confirmation of your instruction to the player. The Moon Harbour can also be controlled by an elegant full functions remote control unit so using the Moon Harbour is almost as enjoyable as listening to it.


In today's increasingly compact homes, few people have the luxury of having the audio system locked away in a separate listening space, so with this in mind the truncated pyramid design has been fabricated to make the Moon Harbour at home in the most stylish of spaces. The none rectangular shape also has the practical function of not supporting resonance modes readily, further isolating the Moon Harbour internals from the outside world.





ANALOG OUTPUTS: RCA x 1pair; XLR x 1pair


S/N RATIO: >=95db


DIMENSIONS: 376 x 370 x 105mm (W/D/H)