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AURUM CANTUS Music Goddess 6 MK2 Floor Standing Hi-Fi Speaker


Built on the strengths of Music Goddess 6 with great improvement

Elegant curved cabinet for highly improved dispersion and imaging

Highly improved bass resolution over Music Goddess 6

Latest newly developed top model high-end ribbon tweeter: Apr 1.1

AC165/DC50SC 6.5 inches mid driver co-developed with ATD ITALY

AC250/DC75C2C 10 inches woofer co-developed with ATD ITALY

AVM (Anti Vibration Magic) processed

Raimund Mundorf M-cap Supreme & MKP capacitors from Germany

Military standard Metal film resistors + OFC inductors

Rosewood vaneer in 14 layers of multiple piano lacquer

Custom machined, high current binding posts

Unbelievably deep, rich bass and stunning dynamics

A combination of natural sound, details and noble timbre

Excellent highest standard in dispersion characteristics and imaging



Design: 3 way, 3 unit, floor standing

Nominal Impedance: 8ohms

Recommended Power: 50-300W

Sensitivity: 89db/W/m

Frequency Response: 28Hz-40kHz

Connection: gold plated binding posts

Dimensions (HWD): 1100mm × 302mm × 398mm

TECHNICAL DATA:  (Apr 1.1 ribbon tweeter)

Impedance: 6ohms

Rated power handling: 80W

Sensitivity: 95db/W/m

Frequency Response: 900Hz-40kHz

Ribbon Dimensions: 14.5mm(W) x 100mm(L) × 0.015mm(T)

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com