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DUSSUN V8i Hyper Class A Amplifier

ML-RR OEM VERSION with Van Den Hul & Kimber IW

Inspired by Mark Levinson No.33H


  Until now, music lovers searching for the ultimate in sound and power had to buy separate components often with separate supplies, AC cords, and interconnects, resulting in a large number of boxes and wires. The V8i MLRR OEM Version blows away the most expensive high end audio electronics yet is in one elegant chassis made of beautifully machined aluminum panels.

  V8i MLRR OEM Version has it all - incredible transparency and detail, tremendous body and fullness, lightning fast response, and awesome power; even at low levels, there is an effortless ease that makes listening to all kinds of music a joy.

  V8i MLRR OEM Version features separate power supplies for the left and right channels, driven by massive torroidal transformers custom made. Ultra-heavy duty speaker connectors are easy to grip. Premium parts and materials are used throughout, making V8i MLRR OEM Version truly state of the art and an amazing value.

  The V8i MLRR OEM Version is a true muscle amplifier, second to none for authority and effortless dynamics, yet with great finesse and ultra-fine resolution normally not found in high power amplifiers. The V8i MLRR OEM Version is for the listener who wants no compromise - vitality, body, dynamics, and clarity, smooth extended highs, natural, warm midrange, and tons of bass punch and extension. With soft music, the sound of the V8i MLRR OEM Version is similar to the Passion, but as the repertoire gains in dynamics and punch, the V8i MLRR OEM Version leaves the other behind.


  The output stage peak current was designed up to 90 A, and the transformer capacity per channel was designed up to 1000 VA. In order to increase sound quality, and to modify the V8i MLRR OEM Version harmonic spectrum for much lower odd order harmonic wave energy, V8i MLRR OEM Version employed the adaptive-bias circuit with an ideal specification.

   Its multi-stage power supply and system loop not only increased the V8i MLRR OEM Version signal-to-noise-ratio to a higher level, but also suppressed the AC power source hum which many times contaminates the purity of the music under a large power output, as well delivered extreme high purity and silence of aural feeling while playing strong dynamic music segments.

   The inner configuration of the V8i MLRR OEM Version followed Dussun’s successful full-symmetrical style. This effective configuration is essential to make the V8i MLRR OEM Version achieve a large power output and low noise objective.

  There is an independent dedicated protection circuit with complete functionality for per channel, which can auto-diagnose probable overload and malfunction, then auto-protect accordingly.

  The preamplifier stage and power amplifier stage are open to the user, allowing the user to use V8i MLRR OEM Version’s either preamplifier stage or power amplifier stage. For general use, V8i MLRR OEM Version’s preamplifier stage and power amplifier stage were linked by a pair of link pins. If the link pins are removed, it is easy for the user to use either V8i MLRR OEM Version’s preamplifier stage or power amplifier stage respectively. The volume control is built in the preamplifier stage, so the preamplifier output signal level is controlled by the volume control knob.

   As a terminal open for the user, the preamplifier stage is driven by a high performance low inner resistance buffer, which can drive many kinds of power amplifiers with more than 600 Ohm input impedance. The volume is not controlled by the volume control knob if the V8i MLRR OEM Version’s power amplifier stage is operated solely.

  The IR (infrared) Remote Control can be used to control the V8i MLRR OEM Version’s volume and input signal selection.


RR oem version with 275W x 2 power output (8ohms)

True Dual Mono configuration

Output power: 275W@8ohms, Class A; 550W@4ohms, Class A

Infrared remote control

The preamp and  power amp stages may be used separately

Dual Mono ultra-low-noise toroidal transformer

Over 60,000 MFD of filter capacitance per channel

Minimal internal wiring

Ultra-short signal path

Non-magnetic, non-resonant aluminum cover

Non-invasive protection system

Microprocessor-controlled passive volume potentiometer

High quality double-sided printed circuit boards

Van den Hul + Kimber IW for dynamic and delicate sound

Exclusive Dussun gold-plated high-current audio connectors

Detachable power cord system (IEC)  






FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 5Hz – 20Khz +/- 0.5db

S/N RATIO: >=100db (A weighed)


NON-LINEAR DISTORTION: <=0.025% (20Hz – 20KHz, 1.5V)



VOLTAGE GAIN: 29.8db +/- 0.3db (1KHz)

OUTPUT POWER: 2 x 275W (8ohms); 2 x 550W (4ohms)

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 5Hz – 20Khz +/- 1db

NON-LINEAR DISTORTION: <=0.2% (20Hz – 20KHz, 275W-8ohms)

S/N RATIO: >=116db (A weighed)


DIMENTIONS: 434W x 220H x 530D (mm)

Voltage Standard Available:  220V, 230V, 240V

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com

ABOUT “Hyper Class A”
  The “Hyper Class A”  is a “Green” Class A solution, whose technically successful
adaptive-bias circuit achieves the extra large class A power output objective under
conditions of low-power consumption and low heat production.

  The adaptive-bias circuit with an ideal specification permits the amplifier to maintain
class A mode output even if speakers’ impedance drops largely and output power
increases several times. This situation is different from the traditional pure class A
amplifiers’ inevitable situation of returning to class B when the speaker load impedance
goes down, and so Hyper class A is much close to the ideal class A amplifier essence

ML-RR OEM VERSION with Van Den Hul & Kimber IW