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AURUM CANTUS Leisure 2 Luxury Edition mk2 Hi-Fi Speaker



  Leisure 2 (luxury) mk2 is a 2-way, 2-unit rear-port bookshelf speaker whose tweeter adopts world-famous AURUM CANTUS aluminum ribbon driver-G2, and woofer adopts AURUM CANTUS AC-130F35 5 1/4" driver. Through development for many years, G2 tweeter and AC-130F35 woofer have been most mature on the technology, and successfully used in many models of AURUM CANTUS.

  The design of Leisure 2 (luxury) cabinet is noble and elegant. Mounted precious rosewood on both sides with main hue in black - fully expresses the connotation of "luxury". Besides a balanced visual sense, the pyramidal mold-making of cabinet can better eliminate the bad resonance and standing wave caused by the operation of woofer. The slightly back-inclined front baffle not only makes this compact speaker brilliant and outstanding, but the most important is to get ideal linear phase and aligns the phases of the two drivers at the 3kHz crossover frequency.

  Leisure 2 (luxury) mk2 is easy to drive and can be well matched with mid-cost amplifiers from lots of companies. Most people find it hard to believe that such a small speaker can make such a big sound with deep, rich bass and startling dynamics. But as long as you listen to it, you surely will be convinced by its perfect performance and enchanting charm. Its sound offers a combination of nature, authenticity, detail, timbre, imaging and deep bass and punch.

  The extraordinary performance of Leisure 2 (luxury) is made possible by special hand-built drivers, cabinet and ear-tuned crossover network, Combined with high-quality crossover components, the result is a truly high-end audiophile-class speaker.



Design: 2 ways, 2 units, bookshelf

Nominal Impedance: 8ohms

Rated Power Handling: 100W

Sensitivity: 88dB/W/m

Frequency Response: 55Hz-40kHz

Connection: gold plated binding posts

Dimensions(HWD): 350mm×226mm×290mm  

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