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AURUM CANTUS Music Goddess Floor standing Hi-Fi Speaker



   Music Goddess is another large floor standing speaker that Aurum Cantus put out after Moon River.


  The mold-making and design of Music Goddess is really unassailable. Its structure mainly uses straight lines in large quantities so as to expound a combined style of solemnity and implication. But within the rigorous design, it hasn't lost pursuit of gentle beauty. The mold-making of tweeter and midspeaker baffle not only fully considers the requirement of voice dispersion, but also pushes the curvaceous beauty to a highest achievement. The outside finish of Music Goddess wholly uses light yellow poplar tumor, and then it forms a strong color contrast between the black baffle and the finish of cabinet. After several times of manual polishing and burnishing with piano paint, it perfectly shows its nobleness and elegance.


  Music Goddess is a 3-way, 3-unit speaker system, with a woofer port at the rear. Its tweeter adopts Aurum Cantus G2 ribbon speaker that has been renowned at home and abroad. Through several times of modification, G2 tweeter has attained the acme of perfection now. Its pure and beautiful sound has been universally acclaimed by domestic audio fans.


  Music Goddess adopts AC-130MKⅡ5 1/4" midspeaker of which  membrane and dust cap are made from expensive non-woven carbon fiber + kevlar fiber. Good rigidity and light weight are the biggest characteristics of these two materials. In addition, the speaker membrane made from carbon fiber+ kevlar fiber can get the most ideal inside damping effect. Besides quick step response, high analytic  ability, light vibration, AC-130MKⅡ midspeaker is not only penetrating and clear when making all repertoire, but also full and mellow.


  Based on experience and advantage of designing and producing Hi-Fi speakers with many years, Aurum cantus especially design AC-250F1s 10" woofer with a double-coil structure for Music Goddess. The driver with a double-coil structure not only can handle larger power, but also greatly reduce the inductance value of voice coil, making the voice of low frequency more dynamic. The low frequency of AC-250F1s woofer is deep and powerful, and its analytic ability, step response and penetration are all excellent. The aluminum alloy basket that precisely casted is cut by the diamond knife at a high speed, this driver exhibits  inexhaustible charm.


  Music Goddess is a much too excellent large Hi-end floor speaker system. It is competent at the reproduction of all kinds of Hi-Fi music, and if we match Music Goddess with Aurum Cantus MR-C center speaker and Leisure 2 bookshelf speaker, it will form a set of perfect high-class home-theatre speaker system. This set of system can let people fully enjoy the inexhaustible magic of DVD audio and SACD.    



Design: 3 way, 3 units, floor standing

Tweeter: AURUM CANTUS G3 Ribbon x 1 per unit

Midrange: OEM AC-130 mk2 5.25 inches x 1 per unit

Woofer: OEM AC-250F1S 10 inches x 1 per unit

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms

Power Handling: 180W

Sensitivity: 90db/w/m

Frequency Response: 32Hz-40KHz±3db

Connection way: gold plated binding posts

Cabinet material: MDF

Dimensions: 295×1050×337mm (W×H×D)

Finish: expensive French Syncamore


Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com

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