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AURUM CANTUS Moon River Floor standing Hi-Fi Speaker


  Moon River is a very compact floor-standing speaker only 6.3" wide, 15" deep, and 44" tall.  It offers full, rich, deep bass and is extremely open and natural sounding. When partnered with high power output amplifiers Moon River casts a wide and deep sound stage with effortless dynamics.

  Moon River makes all repertoire effortless, so there is virtually no fatigue even after hours of listening. From delicate solo or small group repertoire to the most dynamic full orchestra, pop or jazz, Moon River fills the room with ease. Other speakers often tell you what to listen to, as they are more suited to one type of music versus another. But Moon River frees you to explore all kinds of artists and repertoire, including recordings of music you might not have considered previously.

  Mastering engineers love the precision with which Moon River reveals every detail of the music, and create incredible sound staging which brings forth the spatial qualities of the performance such as placement of instruments, reverberation and acoustics.

  Design-conscious people appreciate the compact enclosure finished in cabinet-grade hardwood. Those who understand woodworking are impressed by the thickness of the cabinet and the obsessive attention to detail in its construction. The styling of the Moon River is timeless and a study in understated elegance. Spikes supplied can improve bass definition in many rooms by mechanically isolating the speaker from the floor or carpet.

   Moon River is a study in simplicity. There is nothing complicated about the appearance, sound or feeling of this speaker. It just makes you want to listen to music.

  The Moon River is just that - a classic design that offers everything a music lover could want in a speaker. Natural sonic quality, air and detail, perfect imaging, lightning fast dynamics, and deep bass extension are offered in a compact and elegant cabinet with beautiful wood finish. In addition, the Moon River is easy to drive and exceptionally robust. It offers trouble-free operation and extreme flexibility in terms of source material. From the most delicate to the most powerful repertoire, Moon River is at your service with effortless reproduction. The combination of natural sound, jaw-dropping dynamics, deep bass, compact and elegant design, and very affordable price make this speaker a Classic   


Design: 3 way, 4 units, floor standing

Tweeter: AURUM CANTUS G3 Ribbon x 1 per unit

Midrange: OEM AC-130F1 5 inches x 2 per unit

Woofer: OEM AC-250F1 10 inches x 1 per unit

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms

Power Handling: 50-200W

Sensitivity: 90db/w/m

Frequency Response: 35Hz-40KHz±3db

Connection way: Bi-wired, gold plated binding posts

Dimensions: 185×1137×372mm (W×H×D)

Finish: expensive French Syncamore vaneer

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com