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MEIXING (MING DA) MC-2A3 Vacuum Tube  Pre-amplifier


New improved circuit to the old MC-2A3 version

Modified British classic preamplifier circuit

Special made high end 2A3 vacuum tubes as cathode followers

Special 6SN7 Onion shape vacuum tubes made with 300B materials

All hand welding internal connections

274B rectifier tube plus CLC filter design

High output current with low output impedance

Great driving power, high resolution and transparency

Good details in a deep 3 dimensional sound stage

Immersed with 2A3 fantasy sonic feelings

Remote control function

Detachable power cord system



Output: 0.1V to 8V

Gain: 20db

Signal-to-noise ratio: 92db

Output impedance: 600ohms

Input jacks: 4 pairs (RCA)

Output jacks: 2 pairs (RCA)

Input impedance: 100Kohms

Frequency response: 5Hz - 150KHz (-1db)

Total harmonic distortion: <=0.5%

Vacuum tubes: MING DA JINVINA FAT SHAPE 2A3 x 2,

                             MING DA JINVINA 6SN7 (ONION SHAPE) x 2,

                              SHUGANG 274B x 1                          

Power consumption: 80W