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Original AMADEUS (10th Year Anniversary Edition) CD Player with ISOLATED POWER SUPPLY


10th Anniversary upgraded edition to Amadeus

Star shape individual grounding analog ac supply design

Special formulated coating applied to AC transformers

New designed power supply unit and connection cords

SMD parts adopted for great reduction in interference

No decoupling capacitors in output stage after BB 604

New designed Shock control Sony Laser Pickup System

Isolated power supply system top loading high end cd player

Burr Brown SRC4192 for upsampling treatment

Remote controllable oversampling rate: 128fs,384fs,512fs,768fs

Remote controllable SRC4192 bypass function

Burr Brown PCM1792 x 2 as DA converter

2 grade gain design for analog output

Full balanced analog output in 4.5Vrms

14 sets of independent power supply design for highest purity

High speed low resistance power supply for stunning transients

Full IR Remote control

Detachable power cord system (IEC)


FREQUENCY  RESPONSE: 20Hz - 20Khz (+/-1db)


OUTPUT LEVEL: 4.5Vrms (RCA), 9Vrms (XLR)

S/N RATIO: >100db



DIMENSIONS: Power supply unit 430 x 350 x 110mm (W/D/H)

                       Main unit 430 x 350 x 105mm (W/D/H)


Stock Availability Status: PRODUCTION STOPPED